Burrs on plastic components disrupt further processing. If burrs on plastic components cannot be avoided, they must be removed simply and in a repeatable fashion. At the Fakuma exhibition in Friedrichshafen Heraeus Noblelight is showing the capabilities offered by modern infrared systems to remove burrs. Infrared emitters can be precisely matched to specific shapes and infrared modules can be tailor-made for existing processes. Infrared heat is contact-less, so that burrs are melted away without any damage to the product. As a result, production reject rates are significantly reduced.

Handles, housing parts, covers, suction pipes or caps are often manufactured in plastic by injection molding. During this manufacture, it is not always possible to prevent sharp edged burrs, especially in the tool parting plane. Especially with complex geometry parts, the removal of such burrs before subsequent processing or coating can be a real challenge.
Infrared emitters of quartz glass can be fashioned to match the edge or burr so that they exactly melt away the burr without damaging the actual workpiece itself. As such they are far superior to many conventional techniques, such as special blades or using gas flames, which often do not produce repeatable results and take time.

Infrared modules are compact and can be easily integrated within the process, even in existing production lines. Consequently, infrared heating allows in-line deburring and plastic components can be immediately further processed.
Infrared emitters are exactly matched to the production step, and they heat large surfaces just as well as small edges. Flexible designs also enable matching to complex geometry workpieces and, as infrared emitters can be switched on and off in seconds, energy and costs are saved. Plastic components are very efficiently deburred, welded or clinched within seconds, because heat is applied timely and exactly at the right point.
Infrared emitters offer the advantage of targeted heat, heat exactly where it is needed and only for as long as it is needed. Consequently, energy is used efficiently, time is saved and production costs reduced.

Keywords:Infrared heat, infrared emitters, Fakuma show, plastics processing, plastics deburring, energy efficiency


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