Create and manage data transfers directly in the browser

Create and manage data transfers directly in the browser

With the OPC Router 5 version, the Industrie 4.0 middleware opens up completely new possibilities in application thanks to the newly integrated web interface

Experience the OPC Router in a new way – on its web interface

The OPC Router 5 now has the possibility to be operated on the web with its functions and its well-known user interface. From now on, you can connect to the OPC Router via a browser and establish, manage and monitor your data transfers directly from there.

In addition, the new OPC Router 5 version enables and simplifies the deployment of the OPC Router on an Edge device. Deploying an Edge device directly on the machine is becoming more and more important in production. Thanks to its newly gained platform independence, you can now deploy the OPC Router on your Edge device and connect to the web interface in the browser.

About the OPC Router:

The OPC Router is a proven solution for seamless integration of field-level systems and machines with higher-level IT systems. With the help of the OPC Router, machine and production data can be easily connected to ERP systems, databases or cloud environments. It is also capable of establishing connections to printers, scales and other machines. The user interface of the OPC Router makes it very easy to set up these connections by drag & drop. Afterwards, the data transfers can be easily monitored.

The large number of connection options and the user-friendly interface make the OPC Router an extremely powerful middleware that is successfully used in numerous industrial projects.

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