Lubos Barton”s And His Successful Journey

Lubos Barton”s Basketball Career And His Successful Journey To Become The Assistant Coach of The Czech National Team

Lubos Barton"s And His Successful Journey

Lubos Barton

Barton was a household name within basketball circles at the beginning of 2000. Fifteen years later, he put his energy into coaching and he hasn´t stopped since. After 6 years of working with the European top prospects in FC Barcelona and Czech U18 national team, Barton is ready for the new challenge.

Introducing Lubos Barton:

Lubos Barton is a former Euroleague Champion who began his coaching career as a head coach at Europrobasket in Girona, now residing in Valencia. Meanwhile he completed a coaching licence with FEB in Spain. Within half a year, he joined FC Barcelona youth teams where he started his work with talented players from all over Europe. At the same time he became head coach of Czech Republic U18 national team.

Highlights and honors (as player)

Champion of the Euroleague (2010)
Champion of EuroCup 2x (2008,2014)
Champion of FibaCup (2006)
Player of the Year at MCC (2002)
All-American Honorable mention 2002
Valparaiso University Hall of Fame, Class 2017

Overview of Barton’s coaching career

– 2018-2022 Head coach of Czech Republic U18 – 2018-2019 Head coach of FC Barcelona Cadet team – 2017 Assistant of Czech Republic senior team – 2019 Assistant coach/scout for Czech Republic senior team – 2020 Graduate Assistant at Baylor University – 2020-2022 Head coach and director of Next Generation team, Basket Brno – 2022- First assistant Czech Republic senior NT Following his basketball dream

The American Dream Team competed in the 1992 summer Olympics in Barcelona. Barton, a twelve-year old kid at that time, never saw anything like this on the basketball floor. He fell in love with the game.
He spent countless hours practising what he saw on television and his big dream to play in the NBA was born. He progressed quickly in his hometown under coach Miroslav Potmeil and he was invited to represent his country with the junior national team. He was promoted to the men”s top league, joining BK Decin at age of 16 due to rapid player development. Two years of top competition among the adults, Barton took his talents to the United States, to study and play in Valparaiso University, where he spent four successful years. Undrafted in 2002, Barton returned to Europe to play in Italy where he spent 3 years in Bologna and Rome. In 2005 he moved to Spain where he really made his name in Joventut Badalona and FC Barcelona. In 2015, Barton retired from the Czech Republic NT and accepted an offer from FC Barcelona club to play in their reserve team. It was the perfect place and perfect timing to move away from playing and to start coaching.

Barton as a coach

In 2016, after almost 20 years in professional basketball, Barton retired from playing. He was already in progress of getting his coaching licence with the FEB in Spain, and was early to start his new career. He started exactly where he left off as a player, in the club of his heart, FC Barcelona. He joined the junior team staff, and during his time here, he worked with the club´s best talent. After 3 years, Barton left to get some experience in the US, joining staff at Baylor University, where his former coach Scott Drew is the head coach. With difficulties during the pandemic, Barton returned to his native country to help with the new project in Brno, Next Generation. It didn´t take long, and his program already made the junior Euroleague competition 6 months later. His passion was always to develop talent and mentor players to reach their potential. After six years of working mostly with the young players, Barton is ready to take his experience to the adult ranks in basketball. His first step is already made, by joining the very successful Czech men”s NT as a first assistant.

Coach Lubos Barton
Lubos Barton, Euroleague Champion in 2010, is mostly known for his quite impressive career as a player. Already as a teenager, Barton put his name among the best in Europe, and shortly came close to being drafted in the NBA. He moved to Europe, played for top Euroleague teams in Italy and Spain, and won all European trophies in a five-year span. You could say that he was one of the best Euro forwards in that time. Injuries speeded up the process of retirement, and to anyone”s surprise, Barton took on a new challenge as a coach in 2016. His first steps were made in Spain and shortly he joined the ranks of coaches in the Czech Republic national team, only two years after his own retirement as a player. Since then, he established himself as one of the best coaches working with the talented young prospect, coached FC Barcelona junior teams and was the head coach of Czech Republic Under 18 team for 4 years. He has worked relentlessly on his resume, adding important experience with Baylor basketball program in early 2020, before pandemic, and soaking up new ideas from the NCAA champions. Coaching in the NCAA is one of his goals in the upcoming years.

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