Media giant changes name and buys Nordics YouTube network

Media giant changes name and buys Nordics YouTube network

The digital media company Mediaplanet Group has acquired Splay One – the Nordic Region’s leading YouTube network – from publicly listed company Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group). In parallel with this acquisition, the company group has changed its name to Caybon, strengthening its profile as one of the world’s leading digital media houses.

-Despite the pandemic, we feel that the time is ripe to go on the offensive, says founder and CEO Richard B?ge. Through the acquisition of Splay One, we will have a comprehensive production and distribution of digital campaigns. With a unified brand, we can communicate an even clearer profile to customers.

Mediaplanet was founded in 2002 and since then the company has become a world-leading producer and distributor of digital campaigns. Today, the group includes Appelberg, Newsner, N365, Mediaplanet and, now also, Splay One.

The name change means that the existing company names are supplemented with the words “a Caybon company”. The purpose is to further strengthen the group and its companies” profile in the market.

-It”s no coincidence that the name change coincides with us acquiring Splay One. This acquisition gives us a truly comprehensive offering when it comes to the production and distribution of digital campaigns, so it is natural to make the change now, explains Richard B?ge.

Although the acquisition means that Caybon is breaking the EUR100 million mark in terms of sales, Richard B?ge believes that this is outweighed by other benefits.

-Since the beginning, Splay One has been very skilled at building a platform for younger target groups. In addition, the company has been incredibly good at building relationships with strong consumer brands, which historically has been a weaker area for us. Therefore, we hope that the acquisition will provide a leverage effect for the entire Caybon Group.

Caybon managed to increase its profitability by 300% in 2020, at a time when most media houses saw their sales decrease. The group reaches over 25 million followers on Facebook and 42 million subscribers on YouTube. Last year, Caybon had 350 million article reads on its sites and 4.2 billion video views.

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