STÜKEN offers digital solutions in tool design and toolmaking

STÜKEN offers digital solutions in tool design and toolmaking

As part of the increasing digitalization, deep drawing specialist ST?KEN offers digital solutions in tool design and toolmaking. Customers benefit from a higher development speed and improved information gathering for decision-making.

Innovative companies aim to launch new products as quickly as possible – keyword “time to market”. This requires an extremely fast development and manufacturing process. This in turn makes it necessary to obtain design feedback even before the first physical prototypes are created. This is where ST?KEN can support with a broad portfolio of digital solutions.

“In the recent past, ST?KEN observed three main trends,” says Nils Petersohn, Managing Director at ST?KEN. “First, our customers’ demand for deep drawing design support in the development phase has increased. Second, ‘virtual try-outs’ or testing in the early development phase have become more important. Third, we see an increasing need for functional validation.” To meet these trends, ST?KEN supports its customers with data generated using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). With geometry data, we make virtual testing in the customer’s CAD assembly possible. Forming data can provide the customer with information on which raw material is best suited for the component. During product development, ST?KEN supports its customers with FEA prototypes during design. The load on a component can also be simulated using FEA for different materials and designs. This provides customers with information on how to optimize their component design.

“ST?KEN has developed a unique database of all parameters that are relevant for a simulation in terms of deep drawing,” says Petersohn. “As a technology and innovation leader and thanks to decades of experience, we can offer data that is very close to reality. Our models are proven through countless customer projects and our own laboratory tests. The earlier we are involved in the product design phase, the better we can contribute to an efficient collaboration with the creativity and know-how of our experts,” Petersohn explains. “Together with our customers, we develop optimum components in terms of function, production and cost.”

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