STÜKEN offers new possibilities for deep drawing titanium

STÜKEN offers new possibilities for deep drawing titanium

With its innovative process for deep drawing titanium, ST?KEN opens up new possibilities. High-precision titanium components with complex geometries can now be produced using the efficient, fast and resource-saving deep drawing technology. The customer benefits from remarkable cost savings.

Medical technology would be hard to imagine without titanium as a material. It has a high biocompatibility and is corrosion-resistant in contact with organic acids and chloride solutions. The material is also important in other industries, for example when low weight and temperature resistance are required. “Previously, precise components made of titanium could only be produced to a limited extent using deep-drawing technology,” explains Nils Petersohn, Managing Director at ST?KEN. “Material forming over several stages was uneconomical due to the extreme stress on the tools.” ST?KEN has developed an optimized process that allows titanium to be deep-drawn over a large number of stations. “This results in major cost advantages for pacemaker housings, for example, and also makes the use of deep-drawn titanium parts interesting for dental implant sleeves and similar applications.”

The technology portfolio of the globally positioned company goes far beyond just deep-drawn parts. Supplemented with finishing processes that are precisely tailored to the customer’s product, ST?KEN offers high-quality ready-to-use products that secure customers decisive competitive advantages. “For our customers in the medical technology sector, our Class 7 cleanrooms are of crucial importance. In conjunction with validated cleaning processes, we can ensure that there are no unwanted residues on the components and biocompatibility is guaranteed,” says Petersohn. “We pull out all the stops to ensure that our customers are successful with their products.”

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