The mobile IV-therapy revolution

The mobile IV-therapy revolution

revIVe Medtech GmbH Technology

revIVe Medtech GmbH is an innovative Medtech start-up, registered as a limited company under Austrian law. The start-up aspires to develop a technology that could enable a novel mobile and digitised medical IV therapy pump system. The revIVe Medtech GmbH technology is being developed with the vision to support patient access to high quality IV treatment irrespective of the site of care and facilitating the work of doctors and medical staff. Now the Austrian medical technology start-up just launched a new website to provide insights on the potential of its technology. Dr. Eva Littringer, the inventor of the revIVe Medtech GmbH technology has been working on the revolutionary technology for infusion therapies for the past three years, recently together with her two co-founders of revIVe Medtech GmbH.
“Our protected technology is based on a revolutionary in-use mixing principle, i.e. the on-demand dissolving of the medicinal product with IV infusion liquid and administration to the patient. Once fully developed, it could facilitate the automation of the reconstitution, allowing also for semi-continuous reconstitution, and delivery of drugs in a single device.” says Dr. Eva Littringer. “Specifically for drugs with limited in-use stability the revIVe Medtech GmbH technology could ensure that the patient gets the right dose to fight the disease, as degradation products often are not active, even toxic or allergic.”
In October, revIVe Medtech GmbH just launched its new website to provide insights on the potential of its technology.

This press release does contain forward looking and visionary statements and is purely and entirely intended to create visibility and transparency for potential investors. There is no intention at all to address any statements towards any group of patients/customers.

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