Condylomas: often unknown and undetected – Gently removed with LOMA laser therapy

Condylomas: often unknown and undetected – Gently removed with LOMA laser therapy

Lack of education, as well as shame, further the spread of sexually transmitted diseases – The biolitec laser method is very effective against condylomas

Jena, 31st August 2021 – STDs are not only unpleasant but should also always be examined and treated immediately. However, many people are embarrassed to go to the doctor because an infection is often associated with many changing sexual partners. In addition, those affected often do not know that they are ill. The fact that many adolescents and young adults in particular become infected is often due to inadequate information. The pill and a negative HIV test do not cover all of the risks. A condom is useful, but it does not protect against all pathogens. Take genital warts (condylomas), for example: a condom reduces the risk of infection by about 70%. But what about the remaining 30%? If the partner is infected, almost one in three people will become infected despite using a condom. However, today there are effective treatment methods against condylomas, such as the particularly gentle LOMA laser therapy from biolitec.

But the best therapy is of little use if you neither know what a condyloma is nor that you are affected. Without examination, infected people in whom the disease is not (yet) visible may not even know that they carry HP viruses (human papillomaviruses – these are herpes viruses) that trigger condylomas. Even when the first small genital warts appear, the disease often remains undetected for a long time because it is rarely accompanied by other symptoms and is not always visible externally. If a person does notice one or more warts in the intimate or anal area, he or she should see a doctor immediately to avoid infecting other people, because HP viruses are so-called smear infections and highly contagious. The choice of specialist is sometimes not easy. As a general rule, genital warts in the female genital area are a case for the gynecologist; if the male genital area is affected, he should consult a urologist. Diseases in the anal area are treated by the proctologist.

There are several procedures for the treatment of condylomas, because creams and ointments are not always enough. Instead of scraping or ablation with surgical scissors, biolitec offers an innovative laser therapy for the treatment of condylomas. In this procedure, the condylomas are briefly irradiated with laser light. Due to the depth effect of the light, the viral genetic material of the wart is destroyed and broken down by the body. No incisions are necessary, through which viruses could get under the skin again, and no unsightly scars remain. Laser therapy can be performed on an outpatient basis and is particularly gentle on the sensitive tissue in the intimate or anal area. This reduces pain after treatment to a minimum and significantly shortens the healing process.

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