From the UN goals to a successful business strategy: The role model Helvezia Pharma & Medical Care AG

From the UN goals to a successful business strategy: The role model Helvezia Pharma & Medical Care AG

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The world is facing an epochal challenge – the protection of our planet and the well-being of all its inhabitants. In 2015, the United Nations launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address this challenge and create a global agenda for sustainable development by 2030. These goals span various areas of life, including poverty, education, health, environment, and economy, providing businesses with a clear guideline for their own sustainable approaches and business strategies.

Health and well-being

A central SDG goal is to improve healthcare and people’s well-being. This includes access to quality healthcare, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and fighting diseases. Companies can make a significant contribution by implementing sustainable practices in their operations and the development of their products and services. This includes the use of eco-friendly materials, reducing harmful chemicals, and creating a healthy work environment.

The sustainability revolution: Helvezia Pharma & Medical Care AG

In the picturesque Swiss town of Steinhausen, a company has launched a revolution that combines the best of economics and ecology. Helvezia Pharma & Medical Care AG, a pioneer in the phytopharmaceutical and natural cosmetics industry, has made it its mission to vigorously counter widespread “greenwashing.” Their credo: Genuine quality, CO neutrality, and transparency are the foundations of a sustainable future.

Helvezia’s vision goes beyond what many companies use as a mere faade. Their commitment to sustainability is ingrained in their DNA. The company relies on targeted approaches and innovative methods to ensure production that is not only sustainable but also environmentally responsible.

Helvezia Pharma & Medical Care AG is a prime example of a company that not only talks about sustainability but also puts it into action. Their revolutionary approaches and determination to bring about real change are inspiring. They show that sustainability is not just a buzzword but a living reality that aligns economic success with environmental protection. Helvezia is the guiding light into a future where sustainability becomes the lifeblood of businesses.

Sustainable consumption and production

Another central SDG goal is to promote sustainable consumption and production. Sustainable consumption means using resources carefully, reducing waste, and choosing products that are environmentally friendly. Companies can achieve this by introducing sustainable production techniques to reduce their energy and resource consumption while enhancing the quality of their products. Promoting sustainable consumption encourages customers to make more conscious decisions and take responsibility for their choices.

Sustainability in relation to the environment

The aspect of sustainability regarding the environment is becoming increasingly important in a world characterized by climate change and resource scarcity. Companies are called upon to implement eco-friendly practices such as the use of renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting recycling and waste prevention. They should also actively advocate for the protection of biodiversity and ecological systems to ensure the long-term health of our planet.

For CEO and founder Ridvan Abay, energy efficiency is one of the keywords. Helvezia Pharma & Medical Care AG has made the use of renewable energy a priority. It is not just about a green facade but about genuine responsibility for the environment.

Social aspects of sustainability

A sustainable business strategy goes beyond environmental aspects and also includes social responsibility. This includes protecting human rights, promoting equality of opportunity, and creating fair working conditions. Companies can achieve this by advocating for social justice, treating their employees fairly, and creating diverse and inclusive work environments.

Long-term sustainability goals

Seeking short-term profits is not enough. Companies should also pursue long-term sustainability goals. Sustainability provides an effective way to minimize risks, gain customer trust, and achieve long-term competitive advantages. Companies that embrace sustainable approaches and business strategies early on will be better positioned in the future and gain the trust and loyalty of their customers.

Integrating sustainability into the business strategy

To achieve these goals, companies need to rethink their business strategies and integrate sustainable practices into their everyday operations. Ridvan Abay suggests starting with a comprehensive review of internal business practices and processes to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. This can include reviewing energy consumption, waste disposal, and working conditions.

Sustainability in product development and procurement

Another crucial aspect of a sustainable business strategy is the integration of sustainability criteria into product development and procurement processes. Companies should use eco-friendly materials and technologies to minimize the environmental impact of their products and services. This can involve using recyclable or biodegradable materials, reducing packaging waste, and avoiding harmful chemicals.

Partnerships and collaborations for sustainability

Companies can achieve their sustainability goals faster by partnering and collaborating with other organizations and interest groups. This includes working with suppliers, customers, nonprofit organizations, or government agencies to find common solutions and use resources more efficiently. Helvezia Pharma & Medical Care AG goes beyond its own boundaries to offer the best products. Thanks to partnerships with companies such as J&K Consulting GmbH, Agrismart Engineering (an agricultural technology startup), and Pureplant Biotech AG (specializing in the production of natural plant extracts in their own laboratory), Helvezia can provide its customers with the highest quality and sustainability in their products.

Communication and transparency

Communication and transparency are crucial. Companies should report on their sustainability efforts and keep their customers, employees, and other stakeholders informed about their progress. This can be done through sustainability reports, social media, or other communication channels. Ridvan Abay emphasizes that transparent reporting not only contributes to the company’s credibility but also allows stakeholders to better understand the impact of their decisions and actions. Ridvan Abay states, “At Helvezia Pharma & Medical Care AG, we rely on targeted approaches and methods to ensure sustainable and environmentally responsible production. Our focus is on energy efficiency, renewable energy, reusable materials, and indoor cultivation. We pursue closed-loop systems and efficient resource utilization to produce sustainable products in the long run. Our transparency along the entire value chain provides demonstrably sustainable products for our customers.”

Continuous review and adaptation

To ensure long-term success, companies should continuously review and adapt their business strategies. Ridvan Abay knows that sustainability is a dynamic process that evolves with changing environmental, social, and economic conditions. Companies must be flexible and willing to adjust their approaches and strategies to meet current challenges and opportunities.

Benefits of a sustainable business strategy

Integrating sustainability into the business strategy offers companies the opportunity to stand out from the competition, gain the trust and loyalty of their customers, and make a positive contribution to society and the environment. Implementing sustainable approaches and business strategies can lead to long-term competitive advantages and contribute to creating a sustainable future for all.

The example of Helvezia Pharma & Medical Care AG from Steinhausen, Switzerland, shows how a company can fulfill its responsibility in relation to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Helvezia has taken up the challenge of fighting the widespread trend of “greenwashing” in the phytopharmaceutical and natural cosmetics industry by focusing on genuine quality, CO neutrality, and transparency. Their focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, reusable materials, and indoor cultivation demonstrates how targeted approaches and methods enable sustainable production. Creating closed-loop systems and efficient resource utilization are examples of how companies can produce sustainably in the long term. Through transparency along the entire value chain, Helvezia produces demonstrably sustainable products and collaborates with partners who pursue the same high standards of sustainability and quality.

Helvezia’s success journey is an inspiring example for companies that take their commitment to the SDGs seriously. These companies not only recognize the need for sustainability but also integrate it into their business strategies to create a better future for all. In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, companies that embark on this path can achieve not only long-term competitive advantages but also play a crucial role in achieving the SDGs and shaping a sustainable world.

V.i.S.d.P.: Dr. Rainer Schreiber, lecturer, adult education & personnel consultant

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Die Helvezia Pharma & Medical Care AG ist ein familiengeführtes Unternehmen mit Sitz in Steinhausen, Schweiz. Sie spezialisiert sich auf die EU-GMP-konforme Herstellung, Forschung und Handel von natürlichen Wirkstoffen und hat den Fokus auf die exklusive Belieferung der Pharma- und Kosmetikindustrie mit hochwertigen Wirkstoffen (APIs).

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