FibreGuard and intelligentgraphics AG bring Real Fabrics into Virtual Worlds

FibreGuard and intelligentgraphics AG bring Real Fabrics into Virtual Worlds

German software company intelligentgraphics AG and Belgium-based provider of fabrics FibreGuard support the industry in providing high quality, digitally rendered furniture.

Today, high-quality digital twins of real products are simply a must have! On the one hand, they are frequently requested by retail partners, and on the other, they cover many of the supplier’s own requirements, for example, home-page configurators, CGI creation and model provisioning, e.g. for AR and CAD. The magic of these digital twins is the digital materials themselves and their high quality resolution and meta information. In many cases, these textures are not directly provided by the suppliers of physical fabrics themselves. They often need to be created by product suppliers!

For suppliers purchasing FibreGuard interior and exterior furnishing fabrics, the digital twins of real fabrics will be available and can be used directly within the ig.3D platform created by the intelligentgraphics AG! This Enterprise 3D Platform is currently being used strategically by professional users of major players in the European interiors business and beyond. The platform allows for the creation, management and delivery of 3D data for various commercial platforms/formats such as XcalibuR and DCC IDM Living, and different application contexts like 3D configurators/floor planners, CGI renderings, AR and CAD.

FibreGuard’s digital fabrics will be directly imported into the ig.3D world, including multiple quality levels and maps, with scaling and advanced meta information. Importantly, this integration will ease the efforts on the supplier side by providing high-quality digital twins of their products, which still are challenging considering all the finer details and kinematic animations.

About FibreGuard

FibreGuard is a leading global supplier of interior furnishing fabrics. Their extensive collections and designs contain fabrics that meet all requirements, including upholstery, curtains and drapery, and they operate in more than 100 countries. The digital replica of the physical fabric is called a ‘digital twin’ and FibreGuard has digitised 11,000 fabrics to date. FG believes that having digital twins of materials and products will add value to manufacturers, designers and interior architects, compared to using photographed products.Their renders are created quickly and efficiently, with 100% accuracy.

About intelligentgraphics AG

intelligentgraphics AG, a German software company, is specialized in visual master data to be used in configurators and planning systems, but also for augmented reality and CGI creation. It partners with the market leaders in computer-based interior design to implement optimized process integration of the data and is responsible for the 3D standardization in the Daten Competence Center e.V. intelligentgraphics AG also implements configuration and planning solutions, with a primary focus on e-commerce. It’s clients are numerous companies from industry but also retail.

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