New company builder in the shipping industry: Flagship Founders introduces first start-up Kaiko Systems to prevent vessel downtime by data analysis

New company builder in the shipping industry: Flagship Founders introduces first start-up Kaiko Systems to prevent vessel downtime by data analysis

Over the last few years, cutting-edge technology, a globalised market and changes to the supply chain have radically transformed the shipping industry. The interest Flagship Founders has garnered since it was founded this May reflects the increasing number of market players looking for innovative technologies. Flagship Founders is the first company builder to focus on maritime technology, logistics and shipping. With a team of outstanding founders, the company builds scalable business models with digital product solutions, and provides expertise, networking and access to capital to deliver successful results. Kaiko Systems is the first start-up of Flagship Founders, which is supported by the shipping company Auerbach Schifffahrt as founding shareholder. Kaiko Systems’ tool collects and analyses data, providing accurate insights into a vessel’s health and identifying risks before they result in costly or dangerous incidents.

“Flagship Founders bridges the gap between the shipping industry and the start-up sector, allowing the maritime economy easier access to digital innovations,” explains Fabian Feldhaus, Managing Director and co-founder of Flagship Founders. The team of the company builder consists of experienced entrepreneurs, investors and shipping experts, providing its founders with everything they need to build and grow a business model. “We’re incredibly proud of our first start-up Kaiko Systems and enthusiastic about the rapid progress as well as the positive reaction of the market. The demand for automated solutions that reduce costs and make life safer and simpler for the crew is higher than ever,” Feldhaus continues.

Kaiko Systems has developed an intelligent tool enabling the crew to continuously collect reliable, comprehensive, and relevant information about the condition of a vessel. Automated, AI-based data analysis identifies potential risks before they occur and provides decision makers with accurate information so they can act proactively. Incidents and malfunctions can be averted to reduce downtime. “Ships are like floating factories, but technical restrictions make it tricky to gain a reliable insight into their actual state. This often leads to incidents and subsequent downtime,” says Fabian Fussek, founder and Managing Director at Kaiko Systems. “Flagship Founders’ in-depth expertise allowed us to identify those issues and develop a product that translates early indicators into reliable decision support. Our solution makes the seas safer and shipping more profitable.”

Company builder Flagship Founders uncovers potential and develops digital solutions for critical areas in shipping, which are then implemented and brought to market by the portfolio companies. The objective is a handful of spin-offs each year. Alongside Berlin-based venture capital firm rescape, Hamburg’s Auerbach Schifffahrt shipping company is another of Flagship Founders’ strategic partners and a joint shareholder. “Once steeped in tradition, our industry is now undergoing monumental change and faces huge challenges to keep pace with such fast developments. By supporting new ideas and business models, we want to help shape the future of shipping. Digitalisation offers a fantastic opportunity to bring genuine innovations and sustainable improvements to the maritime economy,” says Lucius Bunk, Managing Partner at Auerbach Schifffahrt, of his role at Flagship Founders.

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